FTP (Family Tree Platform)

is a new blockchain platform
TASUKI is an application that uses blockchain technology to safely manage your assets, communicate to family and friends as needed, or safely delete information automatically.
In today’s era, there are a lot of unused digital assets surrounding every individual. TASUKI can realize the management and inheritance of digital assets.


Jan 17th, 2022
Message from CTO[VIDEO]
Aug 6th, 2021
Exhibited at the event
Apr 26th, 2021
TASUKI iOS version app release
Apr 8th, 2021
The official app page has been released.
Apr 5th, 2021
TASUKI Android version app release
MAR 11th, 2020
Exchange "Probit" has released information about TASUKI's IEO on the media.
NOV 15th, 2019
Exchange "ABCC" has released information about TASUKI's IEO on the media.
NOV 15th, 2019
Exchange "WBF ex" has released information about TASUKI's IEO on official page.
NOV 11th, 2019
TASUKI Official Telegram community exceeded 4000 followers.
OCT 21st, 2019
TASUKI Official Telegram Group is now available.
OCT 21st, 2019
TASUKI Official Twitter Account is now available.
FEB 25th, 2019
Private Sale Period Start Date :(UTC + 5:00)25th Feb 2019
FEB 22nd, 2019
Web site opened


TASUKI Official Group

TASUKI FTP is a new blockchain platform that allows loved ones, partners, and a circle of friends to strengthen their relationship, so that they can share the happiness and sadness in their lives in the event of a death ...


TASUKI project participated World Blockchain Forum (WBF), a global blockchain conference held in Singapore in June 2019, and attracted lot of attention on the concept drawn by TASUKI. TASUKI was provided an award for highly advanced technology among the projects that participated in the forum.

inisJ, a company that developed TASUKI, is a game development company that develops Japanese large game titles using advanced development techniques to develop high qualities products. World renowned anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, smart-phone game is large title in Japan and expected to be released next year.
Official Page:https://evabf.jp/


Family Tree Platform TASUKI

TASUKI solves social issues such as digital inheritance, cleaning out a belongings of the deceased, benefit societies, insurance, inheritance, trust, crowdfunding funeral, condolatory money, return gift, donation, a will etc. as a unique block chain platform of the life ending industry.


Takashi Murakoshi

DOB:16 October 1963

April 1990 Joined CSK Corporation
October 1994 Appointed for the president’s office in charge in Sammy Industry Co., Ltd. (current SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS CO., LTD)
July 1996 Appointed as a Representative Director of Spike Corporation
May 2003 Established Swans Ltd. and appointed to a Representative Director
April 2010 Established Swans HD HK Ltd. and appointed to a CEO
Sep 2018 Appointed as a Representative Director ofHistory of inisJ Corporation.

- Mobile & Web site opening etc. Contents related consultant business
- In-house management of e-commerce site for corporations and consultancy business
- Planning, development, management, consulting business of media mix business that combines broadcasting, the Internet, etc.
- Supporting overseas business expansion and consultancy mainly in the Asian region

October 2004 Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation (TBS)
Appointed to an advisor to the Content & Business Bureau Mobile & Internet Business Promotion Committee
February 2005 Appointed to Architect Advisor, Inc.
September 2005 Appointed Director and Corporate Planning Division Director (current position)
April 2007 Appointed to web marketing adviser, Inc.


Keiichi Yano

With more than 20 years in the world of video game development, Keiichi’s passion for video games inspired him to start and deliver new entertainment experiences for gamers worldwide. Also acting as the Chief Creative Officer of iNiSJ - one of the largest independent developers in Japan - Keiichi quickly gained notoriety for his work on the cult classic music game, Gitaroo Man. He continued to create seminal music games for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony including Ouendan, Elite Beat Agents and Lips. Currently, Keiichi splits his time between Tokyo and Seattle as he oversees production, development and business operations for iNiSJ.


Takayuki Nakagawa

DOB:24 June 1973

1996 March Graduated from Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics

Job history
1996 April Joined Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
1998 October Established TAKE AND GIVE. NEEDS Co., Ltd. Director
2002 October Established feel Co.,Ltd.(current company)Representative(to the present)
2013 April Established Urban Funes Corporation. Representative
2013 September JACIA Representative
2014 March Roman General Incorporated Associations Board Member
2014 July Dissolved JACIA

Ryota Kobayashi

DOB:14th September 1990

April 2010 Entered to Musashi University Faculty of Economics
November 2012 Established IMK Holdings Inc. as CEO
March 2014 Graduated from Musashi University Faculty of Economics
June 2016 CREARTI Inc. becomes a subsidiary company of IMK Holdings
October 2017 Established IMK Inc. as CEO
October 2018 Appointed to Chief Marketing Officer CMO in inisJ Corporation

Main service of IMK Holdings Inc.
- WEB marketing service
- Advertising agency
- Consulting service
- System development service
- WEB production service

Muneo Jay Yoshikawa

Doctor of Philosophy

He has 35 years of experience lecturing at the University of Hawaii and retired in 1997, American nationality (currently, residing in Japan).
Presently, working as a Professor Emeritus of the University of Hawaii, President of IMGS(International Mentorship Graduate School in Osaka), adviser of Urban Funness(UFC) as well as working within a professor consortium of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication at Lead College (Portland) for many years and a professor of joint MBA program of Hawaii University Business School and Japan American Business Science Institute(Hawaii). He has also experience to teach at various Japanese Universities including Keio Fujisawa Campus (FSC) university, and specialized for a wide range of fields such as humanism (dialogue philosophy), management philosophy, cross-cultural business communication theory, intercultural organization theory, leadership theory, mentoring etc. He has his own theory of Moebius and utilizes actively in the area of business, education, health, environment etc. Recently he is engaged in a particular graduate school of management, Leadership Training, Management Training, Mentor Development Training, etc. for multinational enterprise as well as Japanese corporation while managing graduate school. He wrote books and many thesis in Japan such as "Philosophizing Encounters: Life Enhancing Moebius Principle" and "Intercultural communication: beginning of disappearance of cultural friction". Awarded for the best teaching award in the University of Hawaii and the Albert Schweitzer award.

Bunsui Asahina

DOB:17 February 1974

1997 Graduated from Meiji University School of Commerce Undergraduate Department of Commerce
1999 Graduated from Rissho University Faculty of Buddhist Studies Undergraduate Department of Buddism
2002 Completed School of Literature Graduate School of Literature Buddhist Studies Master's degree

Career History
2002 - 2005 working at Nichiren Administration
September 2005 Appointed Seater Green Manager (Representative at present)
2005 – 2016 Director of Toshima Ward Performing Arts Promotion
February 2010 Established Ally Entertainment Inc. (Representative Director)
September 2011 Established Lilo Production Inc. (Representative Director)
April 2017 Appointed to the Executive Committee Chairperson of Ikebukuro Play Festival
December 2017 Appointed to the Abbot of Sengyo-ji temple
2018 Appointed the Toshima Executive Committee Secretariat of Culture City of East Asia 2019

Asahina is responsible for the management of “Sara Funeral Hall” and “the indoor style cemetery Sara-joen” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo to maintain “the Ikebukuro Daibutsu that is a great statue of Buddha”and Hana-Fukurokuju deity called " Zoshigaya Shichifukujin" at Sengyo-ji, also managing two cemetery “Morinosato Cemetery” and Furusato no Oka” mainly at Kuonzan Sengyo-ji as a division in Atsugi city, Kanagawa prefecture.
He also established Theater Green ("BIG TREE THEATER", "BOX in BOX THEATER", "BASE THEATER") as part of the cultural activities of the temple, the theater facilities management, operation and planning are carried out at affiliated companies in order to produce a wide variety of projects and stages to expand the possibilities of the theater. Recently, he was appointed to the chairman of the committee to improve the Minami-Ikebukuro park”, putting his efforts into the regional promotion.

*"Theater Green" is a small theater founded in 1968, a long-established theater known as a young man's gateway. The whole building was re-established in 2005 and at present has become a "Theater Complex" which encompassed three theaters of different sizes in one building.

Kazuhiro Migaki

Representative at Trinity Group of judicial scrivener / administrative scrivener
Graduated Rikkyo University College of Law and Politics. Registered for judicial scrivener in 2008 and commenced judicial scrivener office in 2009. Presently, representative of Trinity group which employs 400 people of judicial scrivener and administrative scrivener. He has delivered over 50 times the seminar annually for inheritance / family trusts and is focusing on its practice.




Address:Cricket Square Hutchins Drive P.O.Box 2681 Grand Cayman KY1-1111 Cayman Islands

CEO: Takashi Murakoshi
Web: http://tasuki-lifetime.com

INISJ Corporation

Address: Kamimeguro 2-9-35,Nakameguro GS 2nd Bldg. 2F Meguro Ward, Tokyo Japan
CEO: Takashi Murakoshi